Health Reform Round Two and Megatrends: What to Watch and How to Prepare

Live Webinar: Wednesday, May 17th | 2:00 PM ET

Across the industry, healthcare organizations are watching Washington with eager anticipation – the political dynamics and legislative changes that have yet to be determined will have long lasting ramifications, many of which are also still unknown.

While Congress and the new administration put in place changes to the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare marketplace is adjusting to new realities and opportunities. In this discussion, Dr. Keckley (The Keckley Report) and Brandon Edwards (CEO, ReviveHealth) will provide an update on legislative activities, how key stakeholders are adapting, and what to watch in the coming weeks.

Webinar attendees will:

Build their understanding of the current legal and political healthcare landscape, including the most recent legislation proposals and their ramifications

Learn how leading organizations are adjusting to — and capitalizing on — these recent legislative changes

Gain insight into what’s ahead for Washington and the key trends shaping healthcare’s legal landscape

About the Webinar Series:

Throughout Dr. Keckley’s decades of consulting with organizations across the healthcare industry, from health system Board of Directors to CEOs of leading health IT and services companies, he consistently addresses the same concerns, hears similar challenges, and identifies adjacent opportunities – most likely, the same concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing your organization.

Over the coming months, industry experts from ReviveHealth will be partnering with Dr. Keckley to have discussions about these industry-wide topics – everything from legislation changes to digital marketing – to help you address what is at hand and prepare for what is ahead.


Paul Keckley, Ph.D.
Managing Editor,
The Keckley Report

Brandon Edwards

*All registrants will receive an on-demand recording.


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